Is Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Painful?

Is Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Painful?

Laser devices have been touted for the longest time as the ultimate solution for permanent hair reduction, albeit one fraught with challenges, not least of which is the pain they inflict. So far, many of their IPL counterparts have also struggled in this matter.


Luckily, the novel Elegtime Sapphire IPL Hair Removal device attempts to take care of that "pain" aspect without seriously compromising the typical results you may get with regular laser treatments, thanks to its proprietary ICE Cooling Head technology aimed at dissipating heat!


This is arguably the Sapphire's focal selling point and one responsible for catapulting its critical acclaim in more recent times.


But how does the Sapphire IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) actually fare in terms of comfort when contrasted with the more traditional hair removal options? Stick around as we put this topic to rest!


Factors Influencing Pain During IPL Hair Removal

No completely pain-free hair removal approach actually exists, or at least none that guarantees long-lasting or even satisfactory results. It's important to keep this in mind as we move forward.


What's more, the experience will not be the same for everyone, as the amount of pain you'll ultimately cope with during an IPL hair removal process will hinge on four significant factors, to wit:


Skin Type and Color

As surprising as this may sound to some, your skin color does play a role in pain, for it goes part and parcel with the technology behind IPL!


To put things into perspective, IPL works by destroying our natural pigment - namely, melanin! Following that logic, people with darker skin tones will require a higher amount of energy to do away with their hair than people with fairer complexions. This fact would undoubtedly translate into more discomfort.


Hair Type and Color

Just like our skin, melanin also colors our hair. Thus, the higher the melanin count, the darker our hair will be.


This would explain why the IPL technique won't work with people who have red, grey, or white hair, but it's also easy to see why people with darker hair would likely experience more pain, as they'll be exposed to energy much beyond safe, pain-free levels.


Individual Pain Tolerance

It's a given that everyone is built differently, and, as a result, each of us has a distinct pain threshold. This helps elucidate the disparity in how people of differing backgrounds and predispositions describe their sensations during their own IPL sessions. To illustrate, some liken it to getting a tattoo, while others report feeling as if they're being tickled.


But pain tolerance may also be gauged or affected by several environmental, contextual, and health-related variables, such as whether you got a tan, suffered sunburn, or have a specific skin injury or condition (such as hyperalgesia).


Treatment Area

Our skin is not a homogeneous organ. It varies in sensitivity on the basis of thickness and the body area it covers, with some containing more nerve endings than others.


A typical example is the armpit (also known as the "underarm") - deemed one of the most sensitive areas in the entire human body - though we could also mention others like our face.


Comparing Sapphire IPL Hair Removal to Other Hair Removal Methods



Waxing is preferred for people who want a quick and convenient option to get them through the following weeks. It's also recommended for those whose hair color doesn't contrast with their skin, if anything, because IPL won't work as efficiently in those circumstances.


But waxing is prone to irritate the skin a lot more due to the force necessary to remove the hair at the follicles, let alone the damage from pulling the wax out at such a velocity. Moreover, waxing will only barely weaken the follicle, whereas IPL disables crucial areas within said follicle responsible for hair growth.



Shaving is, by far, the least painful method, albeit hardly the most effective or even desirable. For one, shaving won't remove hair from the follicle, so your skin will be rendered far from smooth.


IPL might be a tad more painful (depending, as we said before, on your particular conditions), but if you crave a satiny skin with no rough spots, you'll be far better off with that technique, for better or worse.



Both the epilator and IPL serve the same purpose of removing hair at the follicle level, but IPL is, by contrast, much softer on the skin. Furthermore, it's much faster and begets actual longstanding results.


For all these reasons, IPL is, in all possible respects, a much more suitable solution to epilation, at least when it comes to performance and reducing discomfort.



Laser is the closest to IPL out of all the other methods mentioned. Just like IPL, it works via light wavelengths, but the beam stemming from the laser gadget is far more focused and generates more heat, causing more noticeable discomfort. Of course, this perception may vary depending on the devices employed.


Conversely, IPL utilizes a broader wavelength range and delivers results in a quicker timeframe, even though laser still ranks as the more powerful alternative.


For its part, the Elegtime Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Handset - Troidini Edition tries to blend the strength of laser technology with the comfort of IPL (enhanced by the cooling mechanism mentioned at the beginning!)


Tips to Minimize Pain During Sapphire IPL Hair Removal


Prepare your Skin

There are three main actions you should undertake in order to prepare your skin for an IPL session:


  • Cleanse: By cleansing your skin, you remove barriers (impurities) that prevent light from passing through the follicles. What ends up happening is that you'll need to point the device towards the skin for longer than necessary, provoking irritation as a result.
  • Shave: Shaving likewise reduces noise around the treatment area and enables the IPL to pass more freely through the follicles, decreasing exposure time.
  • Avoid the sun: Tanning induces melanin production, so the device's light has to remain in the same spot for a prolonged timescale to destroy all that extra pigment.


Selecting the Right Device Settings


The Elegtime Sapphire IPL Hair Removal Handset - Troidini Edition allows users to pick between three distinct modes: Body Mode, Face Mode, and Bikini Mode.


Apart from these modes, you can likewise choose among five power level options catered to your tolerance threshold. Choose your settings wisely so as not to overdo it.


Use the Proper Technique


To use your Sapphire IPL Hair Removal device correctly, you ought to follow all the safety measures laid out in the instruction manual (e.g., wear your safety glasses and perform a patch test).


When operating the device, you should position it flat against the skin. If you're applying it on your face or other sensitive areas, try to exert mild pressure without overlapping the motions or performing repetitive movements.


Post-Treatment Care


After each IPL treatment, your skin is likely to become irritated to some extent. To alleviate this, it is recommended that you apply a moisturizer, preferably a natural one like aloe vera. Additionally, you should avoid using makeup, scented lotions, and other harsh substances. Swimming or sweating excessively can lead to bacterial infections, so it's best to avoid such activities. To protect your skin from further damage, generously apply sunscreen and avoid wearing tight clothing.




The Sapphire IPL Hair Removal offers a nearly painless and effective solution for temporary and permanent hair reduction. As a top-of-the-line method, it stands out as a superior choice in many aspects when compared to other hair removal options like waxing, shaving, and laser treatments. However, it is important to be aware of potential risks and side effects, such as folliculitis, skin redness, and soreness, among others.


To minimize the likelihood of experiencing these side effects, adherence to the instructions provided in the product manual, as well as any additional guidelines, is crucial. Proper skin preparation, correct device use, and post-treatment care are essential for minimizing discomfort during an IPL treatment. While the Sapphire IPL Hair Removal device is generally considered safe, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain skin and hair types.


Moreover, it is strongly advised not to use the Sapphire IPL Hair Removal device under specific circumstances, such as having open wounds, being pregnant or breastfeeding, or taking medications that increase skin sensitivity to light. Ultimately, the decision to choose Sapphire IPL lies with you, but it remains a promising option to consider due to its excellent features, including its cool head.


We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences regarding this hair removal treatment in the comments section below. Feel free to ask any questions as well. Don't forget to follow our blog and social media accounts for more insight into this and other similar topics.