How to Get the Best Results with Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

How to Get the Best Results with Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

There is no doubt that the heat generated by laser hair removal devices can be painful and discomforting to users. This can serve as a deterrent to many people who want to get laser treatment; however, thanks to new laser technologies such as Sapphire IPL Hair Removal, individuals can now get their hair removed via laser without having to deal with the pain and downtime that comes with regular laser technology.


In this post, we at Elegtime are pleased to introduce you to Sapphire IPL Hair Removal technology, how it works, and how you can prepare your skin for an effective Sapphire IPL Hair Removal treatment.


Why Sapphire IPL Hair Removal?

Even though IPL treatments are less discomforting than laser, regular IPL Hair Removal devices can be discomforting to some extent. This is why you must purchase Sapphire IPL Hair Removal devices. Sapphire IPL Hair Removal devices work like regular IPL devices; however, their difference lies in the fact that Sapphire IPL devices integrate a sapphire crystal into the tip of the device; this tip acts as a super cooling tip/a heat sink which absorbs almost all the heat generated by the IPL technology; hence, leading to far less pain compared to laser and regular IPL devices..


Preparing Your Skin for Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

To ensure the best results from your sapphire IPL Hair Removal at home or elsewhere, there are a few essential steps to take before starting. Here are some prepping tips to maximize the efficacy of your hair removal:

  •  Thoroughly cleanse your skin

Before starting the hair removal process, it is crucial to cleanse your skin thoroughly. This is because dirt, debris, and dead cells can act as barriers, hindering the penetration of the light waves that target the hair follicles. By cleaning your skin, the IPL device can make direct contact with your skin, allowing the light to reach the follicles more efficiently. We recommend washing the targeted area with lukewarm water and a skin cleanser.


  • Avoid tanning or sun exposure before use

It is important to avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure before your hair removal session. This is because tanning causes the skin to produce melanin, which the light rays from the IPL device target in the hair follicles. When the skin produces excess melanin, it becomes difficult for the light rays to differentiate between the melanin in the hair follicles and the rest of the skin, resulting in an ineffective treatment.


  • Shave the area to be treated

Using an IPL device on an unshaven area can hinder the hair removal process's effectiveness. This is because the grown hair absorbs the light waves from the hair removal device before it reaches the skin. Consequently, the grown hair gets burnt instead of the hair follicles, causing normal hair growth to persist. Therefore, we recommend that you shave the area to be treated to at least 1-2mm before using the IPL device.


Best Times to Use Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

  • Avoid using the device during your period

It is advisable to use your Sapphire IPL Hair Removal before or after your period. During your period, your pain receptors become more active, making your skin more sensitive to pain and touch. Therefore, having hair removal sessions during your period can be an uncomfortable experience.


  • Wait until after a shower or bath to use the device

Using your device after a bath or shower can enhance the effectiveness of the hair removal process. Bathing, especially with warm water, opens up pores, making it easier for the light rays to penetrate your skin and reach the hair follicles. However, ensure that your skin is dry before using the IPL Hair Removal device.


  • Choose a time when you won't be sweating excessively

Using your IPL Hair Removal device when your skin is completely dry and free of sweat is recommended. Sweat can limit the amount of light that reaches the hair follicles, which can reduce the effectiveness of the hair removal process.


How Often to Use Sapphire IPL Hair Removal

  • Follow the recommended usage instructions

It is important to read the product instructions to know how often you should use the device. If you have any skin condition, especially super-sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before using Sapphire IPL Hair Removal.


  • Wait at least two weeks between treatments

Waiting for two weeks between treatments is a good practice for optimal results. This time frame allows you to target newly growing hair at its growth or anagen phase, get rid of them completely, and allow your skin to recover from any irritation that might have occurred during the previous treatment. Additionally, it allows the hair follicles targeted during the previous treatment to fall out completely, making room for you to target any regrowth.


  • Be consistent with your treatments

Consistency is key to achieving a permanent hair-free area using IPL Hair Removal. Typically, six to eight sessions are required to achieve permanent hair removal. Ensure that you do not miss any sessions, regardless of the hair growth cycle, to target all hair follicles effectively.


What to Expect During the Process

  • Potential Sensations You May Feel During Use

  1. Stinging/tingling sensation: This is caused by the light rays piercing the skin.
  2. Minimal warmth: Even though the sapphire component of the device will whisk away most of the heat generated during the process, you may feel some mild warmth.
  3. Burning/itching: This is very rare; however, it may occur if your skin is tanned or if you have very sensitive skin.
  • Side Effects or Risks of Using IPL Treatment

Some side effects of using a Sapphire IPL Hair Removal treatment include skin irritation, temporary changes in skin tone, and swelling of the targeted area. Most side effects are rare, so it is essential to follow the usage directions on the device packaging and the tips shared. If you have any skin condition, do not forget to consult your dermatologist before use.


Maintaining Results Over Time 

  • Continue to use the device as needed

It may take up to 6-8 sessions to achieve the desired results with an IPL Hair Removal treatment. Some individuals may require more time. Therefore, it is essential to use the device with the guidelines shared above until you achieve the desired results.


  • Be patient and consistent

Sapphire IPL treatments are not instant, and it takes time for the hair follicles to fall off. Moreover, not every follicle may be targeted during your first session, so it is crucial to stay consistent and patient while using the device.


  • Follow any aftercare instructions provided with the device

Read all product instructions for before, during, and aftercare tips to ensure you get the best results for a permanently hair-free area. Following the aftercare instructions provided with the device can help minimize any potential side effects and ensure optimal results.


Just Before You Go:

Keep in mind to:

  • Avoid sun exposure/tanning before using your IPL treatment.
  • Cleanse your skin prior to treatment.
  • Don't use the device on wet or sweaty skin.
  • Refrain from using the device during your period.
  • Shave the area to be treated before use.


Sapphire IPL Hair Removal treatment offers a hassle-free and painless way to permanently remove unwanted hair from the comfort of your home, office, or any location, without the need for medical supervision. We highly recommend this method for those who:

  • Can't afford laser treatment.
  • Are concerned about the pain associated with laser and regular IPL Hair Removal.
  • Want to remove hair at their convenience


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