1980-1989 ORIGIN

The aesthetics set sail, and the predecessor was a small optoelectronic component studio in London. The popularization of selective photothermal theory laid the foundation for the laser beauty industry.

1990-2008 RESEARCH

Photodynamic therapy is widely used and has transitioned to the development of optoelectronic integrated products. We begins to research and develop optoelectronic medical beauty products such as hair removal and radiofrequency.


Entering China, the Asia-Pacific R&D center was established in Shenzhen to design and empower the industry with technology.

2012-2018 EXPANSION

Dedicated to the research and development of medical-grade home beauty care instruments. Expanding the global e-commerce map, new products continued to maintain their sales advantage in mainstream markets such as Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea.

2019-2021 APPROVAL

Newest generation IPL hair removal landed;

Obtaining high-standard certifications such as FDA;

Winning the German Red Dot award in March;

Winning the "Ray Li" magazine's annual beauty star in May;

Winning the Japanese "VIVI" beauty award in June.


Reborned as Elegtime, an Innovative Global Personal Care Brand Providing Smart Beauty Devices to Beauty Enthusiasts of All Ages. Overwhelmed with Luxury Beauty and Grooming Products.

Elegtime Milestone

Beauty Science

Beauty science is at the core of Elegtime’s innovation. This pioneering science – based on 42 years of research – has developed exceptional formulas that can enhance the beauty of all women.

Elegtime will accompany you through the four seasons