Is elegtime hair removal device safe?

The elegtime hair removal device is designed based on your safety. It meets the levels for safe home appliances. However,you must use it in accordance with the operating instructions and safety rules in the manual.

What parts of the body can be removed hair by IPL?

This device is designed to remove body hair. The most common hair removal parts are: legs, armpits, arms,  bikini lines,  and face(cheeks, lips, and chin hair).

Will it cause harm to me when using elegtime Hair removal device?

Most people who use the elegtime hair removal device will only have slight  heat on the skin when the light waves hit the skin. People with thicker skin or darker skin may feel uncomfortable,  but these discomforts disappear with the end of hair removal. For comfortable and safe use,  elegtime Hair removal device has 5 light intensity for your choose.

How often should we use it?

The first 4 hair removals should be performed twice a week. Future hair removals should be done according to your own situation until it achieved your desired effect.

Is it possible to use elegtime skin care with white or gold hair?

The use of elegtime is most effective on dark or more melanin-containing hair. Black hair will absorb the light wave viamelanin. Red hair may work. But usually white, gray and gold hairs has no effect. However, there are also some examples which have effects obtained after multiple hair removals.

Can l use on black skin?

We suggest you don't use. elegtime is a light hair removal device that tracks hair pigments and selectively removes excess hair. There are also uneven colors on the skin, it may cause damage to the skin when using light waves for hair removal if these uneven pigments are clearer than skin tone. It may cause blisters, changes in skin tone (increase in pigmentation or lack of coloration, etc.) if used on natural dark skin. So be sure to check the diferent skin color icons and confirm your skin type for use.

When will you see the hair removal effect?

Like all other hair removal device, they don't provide immediate  results and you may even think that nothing has happened. After hair removal is completed, some hairs may grow again, but most hairs will naturally fall off after two weeks. This is one of the reasons why you need to perform hair removals multiple times to achieve the desired result.

Can men use elegtime hair removal device?

Both men and women apply. However, men's hair, especially the chest hair, will need more times to achieve the desired effect.

Why the hair grow again even if I had hair removal just a week ago ?

It is normal for hair to grow within one to two weeks after using elegtime. This process is called discharge. After two weeks you will find that your hair has fallen off or very easy to be removed. We sincerely suggest that you can let it fall off naturally instead of plucking. Some hair may not be affected by hair loss because they are missing or are still growing. These hairs will be treated in the future hair removal. That is why we say it is also necessary to perform more hair removal in order to achieve the desired effect.

I have heard that the hair will grow out fine when using light wave hair  removal?

After using the elegtime, some  hairs may become fine when they grow back. However, this is only a small part of hair which are already there. You can achieve your desired effect if you continue to do hair removal.

Will the use of elegtime hair removal device be harmful to my skinfor a long time?

In the past 15 years, light wave beauty has been introduced in some professional magazines.  These professional reports and agencies have not reported any side effects and hazards after long-term use.

Can l use the elegtime hair removal  device to remove the chin and/ or facial hair?

Hair around the cheeks, chin, or lips can be used. However, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair can not be used. You should wear goggles when performing facial hair removal.

How long can l use the elegtime device after a sunbath without any protection?

You should avoid exposing your skin directly to the sun. Appropriate protection should be done before or after the use of elegtime. Such as using sunscreen (SPF50+) three weeks before or after depilation. Theoretically speaking, you should wait at least one month to use elegtime after the exposure to sunlight without any protectives. If you have any questions, you may consult doctor or elegtime  customer service regarding hair removal after exposure.

What should l do before using elegtime hair removal device?

Same as any beauty salon's skin beauty device, you should avoidmdirect sunlight to your skin where needs hair removal for 4 weeks before you do it. We suggest you can use sunscreen (SPF50+) or cover with clothes to protect your skin. Also before proceeding, you should use mild soap to clean the skin that needs to be depilated and shave it off with a razor.

What should l do to care for the  skin that has been depilated afterhair removal?

The skin that has been depilated should be kept clean. Some ordinary skin care routines can also be performed. But be careful  not to expose your skin to sunlight directly. You can use highly sunscreens or long coats to protect the skin.

Why can't I charge?

Elegtime hair removal does not have a built-in battery, so it can not be charged, please use it when connecting the power cord during use.

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