The Do's and Don'ts: How to Use IPL Hair Removal on Your Face

The Do's and Don'ts: How to Use IPL Hair Removal on Your Face

IPL hair removal treatment helps eliminate unwanted hair from different parts of the body including the face, neck, underarms, and so on. This type of hair removal technique uses light from IPL or intense pulsed light. As such, it damages the hair follicles while preventing further growth.


Getting unwanted hair removed permanently just became easy with IPL. If you have been thinking of having IPL hair removal on your face, this post lists the do's and don'ts to help you get the best results.


What Is IPL And How Does It Work?


IPL or intense pulsed light is a different kind of hair removal technique that aims to disable the growth of hair follicles. Using IPL hair removal on face results in removing brown, dark spots on your face. This method of hair removal reduces the chances of hair growth from other areas of the body other than the face, too.


This technique is effective and fast. Also, it treats skin texture and color at the same time. The IPL technique uses light energy to eliminate the cells responsible for hair growth. The pulse mode and flash mode are the two modes used in IPL treatment. In the pulse mode, intense light bursts are applied to the skin for about ten minutes to destroy the hair follicles completely.


The flash mode involves sending high-frequency pulses to target a lot of hair quickly. The emitted light heats the melanin and the cells die due to extreme heat. The best part about IPL is that the technique works differently from traditional methods such as shaving or waxing.


Traditional methods not only have side effects such as skin irritation or rashes, but also they take much time. Moreover, these methods don't give you a painless experience. Exposure to sharp blades results in razor burns over time. While shaving leaves your skin burned and dry, IPL hair removal relieves you from these worries.


How to Prepare For IPL Hair Removal:


When considering IPL hair removal at home, planning and effort go into making the method a success. However, many people tend to overlook preparing the skin to get the most out of the treatment. Below listed are the ways to prepare your skin for the IPL treatment.


  1. Clean your face


It is good to cleanse your face regularly before the IPL treatment and moisturize it daily. As such, it won't make the skin dry or else, it will create a barrier to the light used in IPL treatment. Keeping your face clean and moisturized will give optimal results while reducing the risk of complications.


  1. Avoid sun exposure



Try to protect your face from direct exposure to the sun's rays for at least six weeks before the IPL treatment. While it would be challenging, avoid the sun as much as you can before seven days of the treatment. However, if you have been burnt for two weeks leading up to the IPL treatment, consult a professional.


  1. Shave the target area


Before you start the IPL procedure, make sure that the area is shaved properly. This will result in minimal discomfort and avoid complications following the treatment. In case of stubborn areas, you can consider waxing.


Do's and Don'ts of Using IPL Hair Removal on Face


Now that you are excited to get started with IPL hair removal treatment, there are certain things you should know before moving to a new world of hair-free skin. That way, you can get better results from the treatment. Below listed are the do's and don'ts to consider before starting your hair removal sessions.




  1. Test a patch of skin first


Accessing your skin's tolerance is important to know beforehand for a smooth and effective use of IPL treatment. Know your skin tone and check a patch of skin first. This will help you to carry out the IPL treatment without running into complications.


  1. Follow the instructions properly on the device manual


No denying, different types of IPL equipment have different functionalities. Therefore, keep in mind to read the instructions in the user manual that came with the device you are using. That way, you can avoid undesirable situations.


  1. Use appropriate eyewear


Using the right eyewear will protect you from the harmful UV rays from the IPL handset. Hence, make sure that you don't start the IPL treatment without using appropriate eyewear. They help you avoid bright flashes.


  1. Schedule regular treatment for better results


If you are recommended to use IPL treatment every three or four weeks, stick to it. Having longer intervals could make the treatment less effective and won't give you satisfying results.




  1. Never use IPL on tanned or sun burnt skin


Avoid using IPL on sunburned or tanned skin. A tanned skin will attract more light to your skin causing discomfort. You may even experience burns. Try using an SPF30+ to cover up the area a few weeks before starting the IPL procedure.


  1. Avoid using IPL on pigmented areas or tattoos


Using IPL on pigmented areas may result in more pain and the treatment will be less effective. On the other hand, using IPL on tattoos may not cause pain but the quality of the tattoo may damage.


  1. Don't use IPL if you are pregnant or have other skin issues


There is no concrete evidence of the harmful effects of IPL use on pregnant women. Still, it is wise not to use the IPL device if you are pregnant. Additionally, if you have some sort of skin disorder, it is good not to use the device. Seek advice from a professional in this regard.


  1. Never overuse the IPL handset


Every product has a definite term of usage and IPL handsets are no different. Therefore, it is unwise to overuse the IPL handset thinking that it will give results quickly.


Aftercare of IPL Hair Removal


Right after the IPL treatment, the area may show some swelling or redness. You may notice the same around the hair follicles. They are likely to appear as large goosebumps. When it is two or three weeks after the IPL treatment, about 10 to 20% of the hair will fall out. However, during this period, you have to treat the area with the utmost caution.


Try to remain delicate on your skin while avoiding any kind of scratch or rub. If you notice a crust, allow it to fall naturally without making an extra effort from your end. You may apply a small amount of aloe vera ointment on the area a few times daily. Keep it dry but moist. Never shave the area if there is bruising or swelling.


Consider applying ice if swelling occurs. Apply ice after wrapping it in a soft, clean cloth. Minor stinging or discomfort may disappear when you use a specific drug. Make sure that you don't take Aspirin or Ibuprofen because they react to IPL light. Applying makeup should be handled delicately.


Aggressive rubbing might increase the risk of scarring. Also, try to avoid vigorous exercise or sports for at least two days following the treatment. Try to avoid saunas, steam baths, showers, and hot baths. Avoid using perfume products or bleaching creams for up to 48 hours following the treatment.


Don't use peeling or exfoliating for one week. Post-treatment skin care should be followed to prevent serious complications. Consult a physician if you notice something unusual like infection or fever.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is it safe to go for IPL hair removal on the face?


Yes, IPL facial hair removal is completely safe and it can provide you with long-lasting results. It is the best alternative to shaving, waxing, or epilation.


  1. Are there side effects?


Although the side effects following an IPL treatment are rare, the most common issues involve erythema and mild pain.


  1. How many times can I use IPL on my face?


The IPL treatment should be performed every four weeks or once every month until you see the desired results.



  1. Why is IPL treatment not working?


Chances are that you may have a hormonal imbalance. Hormonal conditions lead to ineffective hair removal.




IPL hair removal is an efficient, quick, and safe method that ensures you eliminate unwanted hair from your face in the correct manner. This is an excellent procedure for individuals who wish to get rid of hair from their face, as well as other body parts.


The reason this method is so popular is because it's suitable for sensitive skin and various skin tones. However, to get the best results, it's crucial to use this technique correctly. Be sure to review the do's and don'ts listed in the post to prevent any complications down the line.


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