Caring for Your Sapphire IPL Device: Tips for Long-lasting Performance

Caring for Your Sapphire IPL Device: Tips for Long-lasting Performance

There are many options for hair removal. Maybe you're tired of traditional shaving with a razor or waxing. If you're looking for a more innovative approach, the Sapphire IPL Hair Removal will help you get rid of pesky hairs that grow in unwanted places. It uses intense light to target the hair follicles and ensures each flash is painless. However, this device can quickly damage if you don't follow a specific cleaning routine. Here is a detailed guide on how to maintain and care for your Sapphire IPL Device for optimal results.


Importance of proper maintenance and care

Cleaning your IPL handset is an important maintenance task. It ensures the safety, longevity, and effectiveness of the device.


Most devices provide 250,000 flashes, with a few luxurious models offering over 500,000 flashes. So if your device gets damaged, you may lose the positive benefits. Proper care of your handset will ensure it reaches the expected lifespan.


Your Sapphire IPL maintenance routine should include a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a gentle cleaning solution (70% isopropyl alcohol). Simply wipe in circular motions and allow it to dry. You can also use antibacterial products such as gel and wipes on the light window. Avoid ammonia, undiluted bleach, or anything that can cause discoloration.


Understanding the User Manual

Proper hair removal handset care means that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. The goal is to avoid costly downtime. So, the first time you set your eyes on the Sapphire IPL handset, you should take time to learn the specifications.


The manual contains detailed information about the features and safety precautions to help you achieve the ideal results. You must understand features like the light outlet window, gear display, mode switch key (body mode, face mode, and bikini mode), light output button, automatic lighting status, and skin sensing area.


If you have questions about how a hair removal device functions, the only source of information is the manufacturer. To understand the features of the handset, you must know how you intend to use it. Maybe you want to use the handset to give a noticeable hair reduction, or you crave salon-worthy smoothness. If you use the device the wrong way, it can take a toll on your beauty goals.


The first tip to understand the functions of the product is to check the various buttons indicated on the user manual and compare them with the actual device. That way, you'll know how to power the device and how the buttons work. The second tip is to patch-test the area you intend to treat before you get a full treatment. Then, wait for 24 hours to observe how your skin reacts.


Cleaning and Storage

To ensure maximum performance, you should keep the built-in reflectors free from dirt. First, you must power down your handset. Next, use a dry cloth and a gentle solution to clean it - never immerse the device in any liquid. Always wipe the nozzle after every use.


Your IPL device needs clean airflow. That's why you should clean the vents of your handset. Any debris can overheat the machine.


The storage also matters. To ensure the device performs seamlessly, store it in a cool, dry place - preferably in a wardrobe or the bedroom. Never expose the handset or accessories to extreme temperatures, moisture, and humidity. The bathroom is a no-go zone.


Handling and Usage

Always ensure the nozzle is in contact with the skin. If you see a white flash, then the device cannot detect your skin type. A red light means an invalid skin tone.


For larger body areas, you should hold down the treatment button and glide along the skin. If you intend to use the device in sensitive areas, press and release the button. You can switch to gentle or extra gentle mode.


One technique to prolong the usage of the device is to ensure it doesn't overheat. But if it does, the manufacturer recommends that you allow it to cool for 2-5 minutes before you continue using it. Once the temperature returns to normal, switch to level one. Thankfully, the Sapphire IPL hair removal device comes with a unique cooling head that ensures the light gets to the hair roots - this helps in skin rejuvenation.


The other technique is to limit the usage of the Sapphire IPL handset to once a week (the first 12 months). After the first four cycles, you can remove the hairs according to your specific situation.


If you want your device to serve its full potential, you should perform the maintenance routine once a month.


Where you use the handset also matters. If you intend to shave areas around the bikini line, you can switch to small precision heads. Other tips to boost longevity include:


  • Holding the device at a 90% angle


  • Starting with low light intensity and working your way up


  • Moving the IPL device in circular motions - no more than one pass in a single area


  • Shave the bikini area before you use the device


  • Never wax before you use the IPL device


If you use the device around the anal region, avoid repetitive movements.


For facial hair removal, apply gentle pressure and don't overlap the motions. One feature that makes the Sapphire IPL stand out from the rest is that it offers different modes. You can select the body mode, bikini mode, or face mode. This makes it the best device for skin rejuvenation.


That's not all. The manufacturer of the Sapphire IPL device recommends never to use it on red, white, or pink hair. These colors don't contain melanin, so they may not respond to the treatment. Also, you may not be the perfect candidate for the handset if you have a dark skin tone.


Regular Device Inspection

Your IPL device should be inspected by a professional every 12 months to ensure it's working correctly. Never open or attempt to repair the device. After all, you don't want it to cause unstable skin problems.


Other than that, you should identify potential issues before they escalate. If your IPL handset causes burning or scarring, the nozzle could be the problem. It's okay to experience a slight pulsating sensation as the light passes over the skin.


The other red flag of a faulty device is overheating. It's critical that inspect the device after completing the first five treatments. This should be part of your Sapphire IPL hair removal handset care.


Replacing Consumables and Accessories

Over time, the handpiece (the part that emits light) will degrade or lose its effectiveness. You must replace it to ensure the device continues to work properly. The frequency of replacement will depend on the usage, so you may want to refer to your manual for guidance.


Regular cleaning will help inspect for damage. If the handpiece is damaged, you'll notice scratches and dents. Don't forget to wipe the charger with a clean dry cloth.


To ensure the device stands the test of time, you should purchase authentic replacement parts. The most important thing to note is the model number before you buy a compatible accessory. The truth is, not all parts are created equal. For this reason, you should buy products from a reputable manufacturer.


Protecting Your Investment


Owning a Sapphire IPL handset is a hefty investment. If you want to protect your device, you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. For instance, you should never use face mode to clean the bikini region. You must also clean and shave any hairs on the treatment area. If you use the device on your underarms, you should hold it flat before you activate the button.


It's also important that you consider the suitability of the treatment by checking your skin tone. The manufacturer recommends that you avoid using the device if you have a deep skin tone. Again, IPL treatment may not work if you have grey, white, or red hair. This is because these colors don't contain melanin. Don't forget to make Sapphire IPL maintenance part of your cleaning routine.



There's nothing worse than starting your Sapphire IPL handset only to realize it's faulty. If you want your device to deliver satisfactory results, you should clean and maintain it regularly. A general rule is never to use the handset if you see a white or red flashy light. Secondly, allow the device to cool when it overheats and maintain a 90% angle when cleaning the bikini region. Thirdly, use a gentle cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth. If you realize a faulty part or accessory, you should source for genuine parts compatible with the model. Finally, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions, adjust the light intensity level, and hold the device correctly.


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